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Betzy Morales

Artist, Designer and Fashion Illustrator

Born October 3rd in Brooklyn, New York to Puerto Rican parents, currently
resides in Florida. When asked where she is from, she will tell you that her heart
is divided. She spent half of her life in Puerto Rico as a child, then at age fourteen her
parents moved to Waterbury Connecticut looking for a better life for their children.
There she lived 17 years and after a very difficult period in her life, she decided to
move back to a place she loved and felt safe growing up, Puerto Rico. Always
looking for opportunities she moved to Florida in 2003 and then in 2010 she decides
to look for new horizons which landed her in Gothenburg, Sweden. There she spent three
years learning the culture, people and the language. Sweden is a place she truly loves and
hopes to one day move back to. Betzy has always had a thirst for new experiences, she loves
to travel and learn new things; some of the places she has visited include Paris, Amsterdam,
Sweden, Philippines and Spain which has given her a broader outlook in life and has strengthen her
passion for art and music. While traveling through Europe and the Caribbean she had the opportunity
to admire the world's most treasured pieces in art history like the Mona Lisa, Michael
Angelo's David and to view art work from Frida Kahlo, Dali, Goya, Leonardo DaVinci,
and many others well known artists.

Betzy has extensive experience in the music industry which has served as muse for
her artwork; it truly has influenced the way she sees and ...see more.

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